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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Best Ten Books.

Best Ten Books
You must read and why?

Books educate,inspire and entertain.They are also a source of information and enlightment. They contribute to improving the quality of human beings.they help in the educational, cultural and economic development of socity.When translated into diferent languages they helpin promoting natonal integretion and international understanding .

I am giving below the ten books which have influenced and inspired my life and my way of living:

1. As A Man Thenketh by James Allen:

This is simple book meant to create self-confidence in the reader.It teaches you that you can achive anything if you make up your mind to do it.

2. My experiments with truth by Mahatma Gandi
In this book written in the simple language, the Mahatma has narrated his life experiences,describing every incident truthfully.It is one of the best autobiographies.
3.Glimpses of world history by Jawaharlal Nehru:

Written by Jawaharlal Nehru while in prison,this book is intended for young people.It has beentranslated in to many language of the world.

4. How to sell your way through life by Napolian Hill:

It is a simple book on the art of salesmanship.It teaches you how to make the best use of your facilities to attain your goal in life.

5. How to make friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie:

It is a simple and inspiring book on the art of making friends and influencing people with whom you come in contact in life.
6. Thoughts of power and Thus spake Vivekananda by Swami Vivekananda:

Vivekananda was one of the most dynamic and inspiring modern saintsof India.These two smal books give his ideas on the most important aspects of life and living.
:7. The importance of life by Lin Yutang
This book teaches the art of living in a very effective and forceful language.
8. POems that touch the heart:
It is an anthology of poems which have inspired and helpfulpeople in time sof stress and strain. Everyone can benifit from this excellent collection of poems.
9. How to be happy through human by Beran Walfe:
It is a clasic on the subject of happiness there are many books available on achiving happiness but I have found this book better than all the others.
10. Inspirations and ideals by Grenville Kleiser:
This is a very inspiring book written in simple language. There is one page to each day in the year.Almost all subject which touch human life are discussed in easy language.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


E-business (electronic business):-Derived from such terms as "e-mail" and "e-commerce," is the conduct of business on the Internet, not only buying and selling but also servicing customers and collaborating with business partners. One of the first to use the term was IBM, when, in October, 1997, it launched a thematic campaign built around the term. Today, major corp
orations are rethinking their businesses in terms of the Internet and its new culture and capabilities. Companies are using the Web to buy parts and supplies from other companies, to collaborate on sales promotions, and to do joint research. Exploiting the convenience, availability, and world-wide reach of the Internet,many companies, such as, the book sellers, have already discovered how to use the Internet
Increasingly, much direct selling (or e-tailing) is taking place on the Internet of computer-related equipment and software. One of the first to report sales in the millions of dollars directly from the Web was Dell Computer. Travel bookings directly or indirectly as a result of Web research are becoming significant. Custom-orderable golf clubs and similar specialties are considered good prospects for the immediate future.
With the security built into today's browsers and with digital certificates now available for individuals and companies from Verisign, a certificate issuer, much of the early concern about the security of business transaction on the Web has abated and e-business by whatever name is accelerating.
IBM considers the development of intranets and extranets to be part of e-business. e-business can be said to include e-service, the provision of services and tasks over the Internet by application service providers (ASP).

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